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Should your Business or Organization be on the Web?

Nineveh Junction Digital specializes in putting small businesses and organizations on the web at an affordable price.

But before beginning a small business web project it's critical to first understand why. What do you want to accomplish with your site? Are your goals realistic and within your budget?

The simplest web site can serve as an on-line advertisement for your products and services. Your customers can find important information such as where you are located, your business hours, the types of services, and products offered, pricing, or any other information you feel is important, using a standard search engine such as Google. This alone may be sufficient reason for your business to have a web presence.

Even a simple informational site can easily allow two way communications between you and your potential customers. Feed back can be accomplished with very simple e-mail links or web forms.

Creating and maintaining such a site can be surprisingly affordable.

The promotion of your site is has two components. In time, your customers will be able to find your site using standard Internet search tools. Nineveh Junction Digital will add features to your site to improve this search capability, and register your site with the key search engines. There is no extra fee for this service. As the owner of your site, you can also play an important role through local advertising and printing the web address on all sales and promotional materials.

The ultimate goal of many business sites is to do on-line sales. The creation of such a site is more complex, time-consuming, and expensive then the creation of a simple informational site. Before taking on such a project we recommend you first identify how much activity you may see at your site. For many small businesses, where on-line sales is not a high priority, it is often best to start with a basic informational site, then monitor the activity. An on-line purchasing feature can be added later once demand is demonstrated.

However, if you are already set up to accept credit card orders over the phone, we have an amazingly simple and cost-effective way to extend this to an internet store.

Nineveh Junction Digital understands the strengths and limitations of the web. Let us help you choose the type of web site that is most appropriate for your business.

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