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Gravestones are historical monuments that mark the lives of those who came before us. They are often the only evidence of that person’s previous life. A gravestone is the one object we can visit to pay respect to those people. Without a gravestone, there is no way to memorialize that individual and their contributions to society.

Historic gravestones can also be considered a form of art that can enrich our cemeteries and communities with visual enjoyment. The early gravestone carvers were often very creative and talented artisans. As with any piece of art though, the beautiful stones they created often require and deserve care and preservation. After many years of exposure to the elements stones become covered with dirt, mold and moss, they fall over and get buried, they break into pieces, and otherwise become endangered. Without attention these stones will eventually be lost forever. Unfortunately in most cases there are no funds available for the restoration of these stones.

To address this issue Riegel Restoration is offering an Adopt-A-Stone Program where anyone can make a monetary donation to go towards the restoration of an historic gravestone that would otherwise have no opportunity for restoration. This could be a one time donation or a monthly contribution. The amount of money to donate to the cause is up to the contributor. Every stone that is restored through this program will be researched. Information about the stone and the person it represents along with photos will be published on the Riegel Restoration facebook page for everyone to view. All proceeds will go directly to the restoration of historic gravestones. The amount of money raised will determine the number of stones we are able to restore.

You can contribute to this worthy cause by clicking on the link below:


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